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This year, almost 5 Quebecers out of 10 will stop using their cpap machines

A CPAP machine alone isn't enough. 

To effectively tackle sleep apnea, you need a medical team to support, motivate, and guide you through the crucial first weeks until using your CPAP machine becomes a habit.

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Experience Exceptional Care Like Never Before! Our program doesn’t just reward you for regular use; it provides unmatched support from our dedicated medical team. We stand out from the crowd—not just machine sellers, but partners in transforming your sleep and, ultimately, your life.


Get the most out of your Sleep Apnea treatment every night.

Our medical team, including respirologists, respiratory therapists, nurse practitioners, and clinical nurses, offers a unique support program designed to maximize your sleep potential, ensure optimal CPAP machine use, and drive therapy success.


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Get the support you've been missing and earn rewards for your treatment commitment, no matter where your machine is from. Join us, and never feel alone with your CPAP again.

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Receive a sleep disorder diagnosis, personalized medical advice, prescriptions for sleep studies, medications for sleep issues, and more in just a few minutes. Enjoy convenient, on-demand virtual medical care tailored to your lifestyle, focused specifically on meeting your sleep health needs.

Time to change your CPAP Machine but you can't find your Prescription?

If you are looking to buy a CPAP, but can't find your old prescription in order to get it calibrated, you can speak to a doctor and get your new prescription today.

Thinking you suffer from Sleep Apnea? Do a Home Sleep Test.

Through our collaboration with, we provide at-home sleep tests complete with comprehensive medical services, delivering results within 72 hours.

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Speak to a sleep specialist today your consultation effortlessly and access the care you need without any obstacles.

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