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Almost 22 million Americans are a victim of dealing with the symptoms of sleep apnea. Unfortunately, people who are afflicted with sleep apnea seldom know that they are experiencing the aggravated symptoms of such a threatening sleeping disorder.

One of the ways to medically treat patients suffering from sleep apnea and excessive snoring (one of its most common symptoms) is to use a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine. The CPAP machine helps to supply fresh oxygen to the lungs while the person is sleeping, preventing any shortness of breath that they would otherwise experience. 

A person suffering from sleep apnea wakes up countless times at night. The individual might not realize it when they are going to sleep that night but they suffocate on their own breathing as they snore. Some people will snort or gasp to catch their breath as they snore in their sleep. The CPAP machine ensures that the sleeper’s breathing pattern does not interrupt by supplying a constant supply of oxygen. Let’s look at some of the other benefits for CPAP users.

Improves Energy Levels During The Day

Improved energy during the day is the first thing a person with sleep apnea will notice after using their CPAP machine. People with sleep apnea wake up several times during the night gasping for air. The effect this has on their body is that when they wake up the next morning they feel exceedingly tired. They might assume that they have slept for a good period of seven to eight hours, but in reality, this is not the case.

After using CPAP therapy the individual’s sleep will be much more fulfilling. This is because the person does not wake up multiple times at night trying to catch their breath. The constant supply of oxygen from the CPAP machine helps the body conduct all the right metabolic processes as the person sleeps. A person using the CPAP machine for the first time will feel a marked difference in their energy levels in the morning.

Enhanced Concentration & Focus

One of the symptoms people with sleep apnea face is a reduction in their ability to concentrate on things. This is one of the reasons why doctors sometimes ask people with sleep apnea to avoid driving for long hours. There is a tendency for a person behind the wheel to doze off if they have been sitting there long enough. There are a lot of other activities that a person with sleep apnea could lose their focus.

The CPAP machine helps the person sleep all night without any pauses in their sleep. The mind goes into the REM stage of sleep because there is no lapse in sleep. A person who has achieved the REM stage in their sleep will have a much sharper memory and a more focused mind the next morning. With dedicated use of the CPAP machine over a longer period the patient will also see a marked improvement in mind and body coordination. 

Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

One of the reasons why people with sleep apnea experience pauses in their sleep is because their breathing is temporarily cut off. The person wakes up for just long enough to catch their breath and doze back off into sleep. In the long run, these episodes of interruptions in sleep have an overall effect on the condition of the heart. If sleep apnea is left untreated the condition of the heart deteriorates just a little more every time the sleeper experiences a disruption in their sleep. 

Using the CPAP machine ensures that the body receives a healthy supply of oxygen without any interruptions while a person sleeps. With the machine, the body and the heart do not have to wake up every so often just to get a wholesome supply of oxygen to the heart. With prolonged use of the machine the condition of the heart improves. With the right lifestyle, there is a lower chance of developing cardiovascular diseases because of improved overall cardiovascular health. 

Better Resistance To Diseases

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects the entire body both when the person is asleep and awake. Sleep apnea causes the sleeper to wake up periodically to catch their breath. The body’s metabolism does not complete the recuperation process due to the pauses in sleep. The result of this is that the person becomes extremely prone to contracting contagious diseases.

The CPAP machine ensures that the sleeper gets an uninterrupted supply of oxygen in their sleep. This allows the heart to function at full efficiency to supply blood to all of the other necessary organs in the body. The overall efficiency of functioning and health of the other organs increases in sleep because of the properly managed blood supply. You can expect to be less prone to contagious diseases with healthier internal organs. 

It Easier to Maintain Psychological Stability

It will be very hard to maintain psychological composure if your body is constantly feeling the challenges of falling and staying asleep. The effects of sleep apnea slowly creep up into an individual’s personality becoming exceedingly negative and solitary. Instead of enjoying the company of other people, the person will become satisfied spending most of their time all by themselves. Even in loneliness, the person will constantly be thinking negative thoughts about the present circumstances. 

With the help of the CPAP machine, the user gets some much-needed rest and relaxation for the entire body. It becomes much easier for a person to unwind and take it easy when they are not unnecessarily nervous or tired all the time. Their mind is better able to make sound judgments and decisions. The mind is also much quicker to respond positively. 

Key Takeaways

Make sure you have a medical professional advise you exactly how to use a CPAP machine. Not using the CPAP machine properly can result in serious health injuries. It might take some time for you to experience all of the benefits of a CPAP machine but what is important is to remember to continue using it. The more you use it the more natural it will feel.

Keep in mind that there are many different models and designs of CPAP machines if you are not comfortable wearing the machine. Inform your physician of the challenges you face wearing the CPAP machine overnight. A doctor can recommend a model or design that could be ideal for your situation. 


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