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Using a CPAP Machine

No person is used to wearing a CPAP mask during their sleep albeit the condition they may or may not have. Initially, it can be difficult to understand which wires go where and how each setting makes a difference. It is understandable that keeping the mask on while sleeping takes some time to get used to. But there are other factors that you cannot overlook. 

It can be discouraging to continue to use the CPAP mask after being confronted with so many obstacles and complications. Another concern is that you do not see any significant difference in your sleep patterns. Waking up you might feel more tired than when you did not use the CPAP apparatus. Some people feel so frustrated by the mask that they take it off at night and forget to put it back on. 

Not everyone has a positive response to the CPAP equipment instantly. Why does that happen? Natural sleep is a very complex unconscious process. During sleep, the body is managing and administers many different biological procedures all at once. Each routine affects the other. Let's look at some of the reasons why you can wake up tired even after using the CPAP device.

Bad Quality Sleep

Feeling sleepy during the day is the most common problem for people with sleep apnea. But not everybody will experience this complaint after using the CPAP equipment. Constantly waking up at night due to apnea episodes greatly affects the way you feel after waking up. 

People with mild sleep apnea tend to wake up more than fifteen times in an hour. Feeling tired is only natural in the morning when your sleep cycle has been broken so many times over the night. A precise measurement of how sleepy a person feels is assessed by your Epworth score.

Taking off the CPAP Mask at Night

Getting used to wearing the CPAP mask takes some time for everybody. Anyone who gets up to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water will take off the mask. Given that it is dark in the middle of the night and the mask feels uncomfortable putting it back on. Sometimes they might not put the mask back on. 

Other people are tempted to take off the mask in the late hours of the night. Being in a sleepy state of mind, their brain tricks them into thinking that they can “sleep well” without it. These people end up using the appliance for just an early part of the night instead of the whole night. When they wake up the next morning, they feel even more tired than how they felt when they got in bed. 

Sleep apnea is a condition that gets worse later at night. Rapid eye movement occurs in the last stage of sleep. A person with sleep apnea needs their CPAP mask the most during REM. Keeping the mask off in the last part of the night means that any improvements that occurred while wearing the mask are lost. This results in a gradual worsening of the condition because your body alternates between periods of optimum sleep and deficient sleep. 

The bottom line is that you cannot benefit from any form of treatment if you do not follow it through. Taking off the mask in the middle worsens the condition. People will wake up feeling tired because they did not get a proper night’s sleep. 

Typical CPAP Problems

The CPAP machine is a form of therapy that uses a mask connected to a hose to provide a continuous flow of air into the sleeper’s respiratory system. The device connects to the person’s nose and mouth. It is difficult to use the device when you have a cold. It can also be challenging for an asthmatic person to use the device because it feels claustrophobic.  

Just like any other piece of machinery, many problems can occur with the machine. All of these problems will affect the person using the contraption in one way or the other. In most cases, it will result in waking up feeling tired. Most of these problems can be easily fixed. 

Some of these problems will require that you take your machine to a medical expert before making any changes. This will make sure that you implement the right solution so that it doesn’t worsen your health. 

My Beard or Mustache Prevents a CPAP Mask Seal

Men are the most prone to having sleep apnea. A beard or mustache is a part of a man’s personality. No one wants to shave off their beard or mustache just because they have to wear a mask at night. People with an ample beard or mustache will not be able to secure the mask with an airtight secure on regular machines. 

The mask will not work throughout the night as you toss and turn in bed wearing the mask with facial hair. There are full face masks for people who have a large mustache or beard. They need to be used in coordination with a nasal pillow for maximum efficiency. 

Recommendations for people with facial hair: F&P Evora | AirTouch F20  | AirFit P10

I Wake up with Red Eyes

The machine is supposed to function to vent out the carbon dioxide out of the apparatus. Sometimes if you are not wearing the mask properly the carbon dioxide will blow up in your eyes. When you wake in the morning you notice that you have bloodshot eyes. 

Always have some time to spare before going to bed devoted to setting up the machine properly. Make sure that the vent is not blowing air into your eyes from the sides. Another solution to the problem is to have a mask liner to improve the seals on the sides. 

The CPAP Mask Feels Claustrophobic

A majority of people feel claustrophobic while they wear the mask during sleep. There are some steps you can take to avoid feeling boxed in. No matter what you do you will feel a little bit cramped up in the first few days. Try to wear the mask at home during the day just to get used to the feeling. 

Try to avoid the full face mask if that makes you feel claustrophobic. A nasal pillow mask leaves room for an open line of sight. They also do not conceal the bridge of your nose. These kinds of masks can help you slowly get used to the feeling of wearing a CPAP mask.


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