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Having trouble sleeping well because of sleep apnea? Buying a CPAP machine isn't everything! The truth is that sometimes, at first, it's a bit hard to get used to.

With our help, use your machine every day and receive a $250 gift box to encourage you!

Need a CPAP? This program is for you.

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Discover our Sleep Care program

A tailor-made support program to help you overcome sleep apnea.

Included with the purchase of your CPAP. It's FREE

The first sleep apnea support program in Quebec! Our program not only offers you unparalleled support from our dedicated medical team, it rewards you for your regular use. Benefit from customized telemedicine services, personalized medical assistance, regular follow-up by e-mail and telephone and much more... All included with the purchase of your CPAP.

CPAP Rewards valued at $250

If you use your CPAP machine every day for the next 6 months!

Priority access to our medical team's sleep physicians, SPNs (specialized nurse practitioners), sleep expert nurses and respiratory therapists. Curious about what's included in the Sleep+ program? 

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Almost 1 in 2 people stop using their CPAP machine within the first year?

To overcome sleep apnea, a CPAP machine alone is not enough. 

To combat sleep apnea effectively, you need a medical team to support, motivate and guide you through the crucial first few weeks, until using your CPAP device becomes a habit.

That's why our Sleep Care program includes personalized follow-up and regular consultations to answer all your questions and concerns. Together, we work to adapt the treatment to your lifestyle, ensuring that each step towards restful sleep is clear and achievable. Our aim is to guide you towards comfortable, everyday use of your CPAP, and thus transform your quality of life.

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What’s included in the Sleep Care Program?

Comprehensive telemedicine support calls tailored to enhance your CPAP therapy experience

Week 1

Getting Started: Your Questions Answered

Kick off your therapy with a personalized telemedicine session, ideal for new users to get acquainted with CPAP therapy and for current users to refresh their knowledge or address new concerns.

Week 4

Comfort Check: Mask and Pressure Tune-Up

A focused consultation with our specialized nurse to troubleshoot early challenges, refine therapy settings for new users, and review therapy efficacy and comfort for ongoing users.

Month 3

Stay on Track: Adjustments and Motivation

A comprehensive review to assess therapy progress, with adjustments made to enhance sleep quality. This session benefits both new users by solidifying their therapy routine and current users by ensuring their treatment continues to meet their needs.

Month 6

Rewards time: Celebrating Your Commitment

A celebration and planning session to acknowledge achievements and set future goals. For new users, it’s about acknowledging the successful integration of CPAP into their lives; for current users, it’s an opportunity to review long-term benefits and adjust goals as needed.


Your Exclusive Reward Awaits!

Dive into a treasure trove worth up to $250 — on us!  Your journey to better sleep deserves a big celebration! As a token of our admiration for your steadfast commitment to CPAP therapy, we’re thrilled to gift you a selection of premium CPAP accessories and products.

Personalized Support and Guidance

  • Unlimited Tele-Support: Access round-the-clock phone support for any CPAP or therapy queries (during opening hours).
  • Unlimited Email Support: Enjoy continuous assistance and guidance through email, tailored to your specific queries and concerns.
  • Progress Tracking: Receive regular email updates to monitor your journey and adjust your treatment plan.

Specialized Medical Expertise

  • Precision Programming: Benefit from device programming adjustments aligned with your evolving needs.
  • Expert Access: On-demand consultations with a respiratory therapist or specialized nurse practitioner.
  • Sleep Doctor: Consultations with a sleep doctor for in-depth sleep disorder management (with referral and RAMQ card)* 
  • *Referral can be obtained with a specialized nurse practitioner for $39.97 at 

Sleep Optimization and Well-being

  • Sleep Optimization: Get personalized advice on managing your sleep patterns and creating the ideal restful environment.
  • Exclusive Perks: Enjoy special discounts on CPAP accessories and the latest sleep aids.
  • Wellness Guidance: Receive tailored lifestyle recommendations to enhance your overall well-being.

Sleep Care Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the "Sleep Care" sleep program?

The "Sleep Care" program is a comprehensive support and reward system for CPAP therapy users, providing personalized telemedicine support, consultations, and rewards to improve sleep quality and therapy adherence.

Who can benefit from the "Sleep Care" program?

Both new and existing CPAP users can benefit. New Roi du CPAP machine purchasers receive the program for free, and existing users can join for a fee.

What makes the "Sleep Care" program different from other sleep labs?

Unlike other labs, we are patient-focused and committed to compliance rather than being driven by profits. We prioritize your treatment outcomes above all.

Why don't other sleep labs offer a similar program?

Many other labs focus more on their profit margins than on patient treatment outcomes. We choose to prioritize the care and success of our patient's therapy.

How is Roi du CPAP able to offer such an extensive program at no extra cost?

Although we cannot provide discounts or bundles due to uniform pricing across Canada, we believe in offering unmatched service and support to differentiate our offerings.

How can Roi du CPAP afford to give away rewards worth up to $250?

By optimizing our operations and focusing on patient compliance and success, we allocate resources to provide these rewards as an investment in our patients' health.

Why do other sleep clinics not have instant physician and specialist access?

Roi du CPAP partners with Omnia santé, a leading virtual health provider, to ensure our patients have the best service, including immediate access to respiratory therapists and nurse practitioners.

What are the exclusive perks of the "Sleep Care" program?

Exclusive perks include special discounts on CPAP accessories, the latest sleep aids, and personalized lifestyle recommendations.

Can I join the "Sleep Care" program if I already own a CPAP machine?

Yes, existing CPAP users can join the "Sleep Care" program for a fee of $399.

What does the "Sleep Care" program offer for new CPAP users?

New users receive a personalized introduction to CPAP therapy, device adjustments, and ongoing support to ensure a seamless integration into their lives.

How does the "Sleep Care" program support ongoing CPAP users?

For ongoing users, the program offers consultations to refine therapy settings, troubleshoot challenges, and celebrate milestones in their CPAP journey.

What type of support can I expect from the "Sleep Care" program?

You will receive comprehensive telemedicine support, precision programming, progress tracking, and unlimited tele and email support.

How does the "Sleep Care" program reward perseverance and commitment?

We reward users for their dedication to CPAP therapy with premium accessories and products, acknowledging their commitment to better sleep.

Will I have access to medical professionals through the "Sleep Care" program?

Yes, our program includes immediate access to a respiratory therapist and on-demand consultations with specialized nurse practitioners.

How can I monitor my progress in the "Sleep Care" program?

You'll receive regular email updates to monitor your journey and any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

What happens during the telemedicine support calls?

These calls are tailored to enhance your therapy experience, including Q&A sessions, troubleshooting, and milestone reviews.

Are there any hidden costs in the "Sleep Care" program?

The program is free for new machine purchasers from Roi du CPAP; existing users pay a one-time fee with no hidden costs. $199/ per year afterward.

How quickly can I see a respirologist through the program?

With a referral, you can get an appointment within 2 weeks, ensuring prompt and effective management of sleep disorders.

Why should I choose the "Sleep Care" program over managing CPAP therapy on my own?

Our program offers a structured support system, expert guidance, and rewards that individual therapy management may not provide.

If I encounter issues with my CPAP machine or therapy, how will the "Sleep Care" program assist me?

Our dedicated medical team is available to provide support and solutions, ensuring your therapy is effective and comfortable.

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